Frequently Asked Questions

As a Southern California based full service parking management company, we have been serving our clients and the community with many years of experience. As such, we at PVP understand the importance of parking at your company and special events, and would like to work with you as your parking partner. But don't just take our word for it. See what some of our other clients have said about working with us and our services.
We offer a variety of different style uniforms to be inline with the event in question. For example, one such style is our polo style short sleeve shirts. Or for a more formal event, our staff will be wearing a tuxedo top with a vest. However, our standard uniform is black pants, shoes, socks, and belt, with a white tuxedo shirt, and a bow tie. Nonetheless, we customize our appearance to match the setting of your event.
Given the variety of accounts and account types, not to mention the numerous types of events, we could not provide you with an exact or satisfactory number without knowing more about your event. However, we do offer free quotes and guarantee low and competitive rates to all our clients and potential clients.
Depending on your contract and your account type, the overage rate is based on a few factors such as, the number of drivers and managers present at your event. The hours you contracted with PVP, and the event in question. For instance, we take special consideration for fund raisers and charitable events.
We carry and maintain at all times effective automotive and garage liability insurance.
Each event will come with our event parking kit which contains the most innovative and presentable equipment in our industry. The kit includes: valet lock box for keys, directional signs, cones, valet parking tickets and flashlights. We also offer additional equipment should your event require special accommodations. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

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